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  1. Organization Name :
    Name of this Institute will remain “Government Polytechnic Jamnagar, Alumni
    Association (GPJamnagarAA )”
  2. Organization office
    The jurisdiction of this institute is Jamnagar. The jurisdiction of this institute may be
    in India and also outside India. It is free to start sub-offices or offices elsewhere by
    resolution. The jurisdiction of this institute is Jamnagar.
  3. Organization Objectives:
    1. The purpose of this institute is to execute diplomatically without the discrimination
      of persons, caste or any religion., which are listed below.
    2. Keeping in touch with each other from pass-out Students of Government
      Polytechnic Jamnagar.
    3. For helping get jobs from pass-out students of Government Polytechnic Jamnagar.
    4. To make efforts for training and placement of new polytechnic Jamnagar
      Students .
    5. To Give direction for Skill development and providing guidance for higher studies
      to students and pass-out students in Government Polytechnic Jamnagar.
    6. To do needful activities for current students and pass out students of Government
      Polytechnic Jamnagar
  4. Membership:
    1. In this institute, the staff may be employed by the Government Polytechnic,
      Jamnagar, who has studied or worked for three consecutive years at the
      institution. For this, a business nominal application must be made.
    2. If the member’s application is approved they will be considered a member of
      this organization. He will have to reimburse the fee system, as the businessman
      may from time to time decide. Lifetime membership fee is Rs. 500 / -. Such a
      member would be considered a normal member.

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